Several new additions have been added to our weekly programme of activities to combine with all the existing favourites.

One to one room visits, and reading and chatting about our reminiscence newspaper the ‘Daily Sparkle’ continue as before, along with our Sweet trolley, the daily Fruit trolley, and not forgetting our regular weekly service from the Rector.  

Mondays have seen the introduction of a 60’s themed tea party which takes place in the Garden Rooms.

Tuesdays continue with the weekly Book Club and Bingo.

Wednesdays have now become a day for relaxation and massages plus an Arts and Crafts group.

Thursday is our ‘Virtual tour of the world’ day, with lots of fabulous themed food from the kitchen accompanied by some interesting wines and beers.

Friday is our weekly ‘movie night’.

by admin 

September 11, 2020