Today at Prospect House Care Home, we were treated to a delightful morning of music, laughter, and sheer enjoyment, courtesy of the talented Kiddleydivey Shropshire, Mid Wales & Wolverhampton – Adults, accompanied by our beloved Eve!

The atmosphere was brimming with infectious energy as we sang along, danced, and relished every beat of the melodies. The music echoed through the halls, lifting spirits and drawing smiles on every face present. Residents and staff alike swayed to the rhythm, creating a beautiful harmony of joy and togetherness.

Eve’s infectious enthusiasm and Kiddleydivey’s engaging tunes made the morning truly magical. It’s moments like these that remind us of the incredible power of music to uplift our spirits and create lasting memories.

We’re grateful for such enriching experiences that bring happiness and unity to our home. Here’s to more joyful moments together!

by admin 

November 22, 2023