This week is Care Home Open Week. We are doing things a little differently at the moment, so today we created a virtual event on Facebook with posts throughout the day showcasing the home, and the people here, who make Prospect House the amazing place it is!

Joanne, our Operations Manager got things started by explaining what Prospect House means to her....

Helping our residents live their best lives in their later years.

Joanne - Operations Manager

I think first and foremost that Prospect House is our residents' own home into which they welcome us as a team to share their daily lives, granting us the hugely valuable honour of helping them live their best lives in their later years. Everything we do is directed by our residents' needs as well as those of their families.

Being an Operations Director for Prospect House is a huge privilege and I am so very proud of the excellent dedicated work our fabulous staff and management team do for our residents and their families every day. "

Now let's take a look at some of the best places in the home, starting with our beautiful garden...

Each area is very well presented and full of different spaces which have been designed to evoke sensory stimulation. From fresh herb plants to wonderful seating, our residents have a range of lovely outdoor spaces to enjoy.

The Dining Rooms cater to the needs of all our residents and are finished to a very high standard.  Nutrition and hydration for our residents is extremely important and we believe these welcoming and sociable spaces really help our residents enjoy mealtimes to the full. We hold regular themed Lunches and Dinners where these rooms become a  focal point in the home!

Our In-house Chef,  Paul, prepares amazing meals for our residents every day and today was no exception. At lunchtime they were treated to an interactive pudding session at the table...Pancakes with caramel vodka sauce!

Here at Prospect House we’re immensely proud of our staff. They are trained professionals who are completely committed to providing the very best possible standards of care. Here's what just a few of them have to say...

I am the Registered Home Manager at Prospect House and commenced working here at Prospect a week before we entered into the pandemic and lockdown. It has been a difficult time for all staff, residents and families alike due to the pandemic, however I am amazed daily by the kind care and support our staff give each and every day at Prospect House working in what has been very challenging times.

Prospect House is a lovely home in a quiet village and it feels like a family, I love working at Prospect House and every day I see something that we do that makes a positive difference to our residents lives. 


Home Manager

Our aim is to treat everyone as individuals and to provide the best person centred care possible. We do this with the help of the fantastic teams and residents we have!

 Karen - Clinical Lead

Working at Prospect House is very rewarding and fun. We meet so many new and wonderful people. 

Yasmin- HCA

My goal is to provide engaging and stimulating activities, which cater to each and every resident. Prospect House is a very welcoming and friendly place and all of the residents are brilliant, with some fascinating stories to tell. 

 Joe-Activities Manager

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June 30, 2021